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Chapter 408 Let Him Go

  • Ling Heng's words hit Mo Lan right in the heart. He thought his plan was ingenious. However, he forgot what kind of man Han Jingru was.
  • Just like Ling Heng said, Han Jingru would not allow Mo Lan to die for him!
  • Mo Lan finally realized how foolish his plans were. He could never change Han Jingru's determined and stubborn mindset.
  • “Man, to meet this kind of man in my life, it must be God's doing,” Mo Lan said.
  • Ling Heng heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Mo Lan would not leave anymore, and his life was saved. For now.
  • “Boss Mo, you should believe in Jingru. He definitely can handle this,” Ling Heng said.
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