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Chapter 398 Less Than A Servant

  • What Han Qing said made Jiang Yan furrow her brows. She initially thought that she had every right to sit by Han Tong's side since she held important news in her hands; news that was of importance to the Han Group.
  • But Han Qing's attitude indicated otherwise.
  • Could she represent Han Tong?
  • Jiang Yan turned to Han Tong and said, “The news I have is very important to the Han Group, so I advise that you get your servant to show me some respect.”
  • Han Tong was very delighted when she heard this. No matter what news Jiang Yan brought forward, to her, the only thing that interested her was how Jiang Yan backstabbed Han Jingru. The news itself wasn't of much value because no matter what Han Jingru was doing in secret, she could use a bigger capital to suppress his efforts.
  • How could schemes and conspiracies work against a strong capital?
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