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Chapter 395 Will You Avenge Me

  • Han Jingru nodded his head calmly. What speculated around were probably just rumors. Hence, to know exactly what had happened, he had to go to the Tian family himself.
  • “Ling Heng, please bring Qi Hu to buy some necessities and take him to my place.” Han Jingru ordered. Although it was inconvenient to stay together with another man, it was still for the best at this current state since Qi Hu was still unfamiliar with the society. If he lived alone, Han Jingru was afraid he would mess things up. He might not even know how to take care of his own meals! Thus, before Qi Hu could blend into the society, Han Jingru had to take care of him.
  • “Mr. Han, don't worry and just leave it to me.” Ling Heng said with a nod.
  • “Qi Hu, you're among friends, so make yourself at home. I'm going out to take care of something. Will be back later.” Han Jingru said.
  • Qi Hu was very excited about the new environment, and he was eager to explore it. He didn't pay much attention to what Han Jingru was saying and just nodded blankly.
  • Han Jingru drove to Tian's villa and pressed on the doorbell.
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