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Chapter 382 Flirted

  • The flight attendant saw Han Jingru going into the car, and that rooted her to the ground.
  • The sky marshal then said, “Didn't expect him to be a toy boy. Interesting.” The sarcasm and mockery dripping from his voice was grating to the attendant's ears.
  • She quite liked Han Jingru, for he showed a kind of bravery on the plane where she had never seen before. “How are you so sure that he's a toy boy?” The flight attendant asked with suspicion.
  • “Oh, stop lying to yourself. That woman in the car's real old. Even if you think she isn't, there's no denying it. Don't lie to yourself.” The marshal replied.
  • The flight attendant's heart sank. She could see that the woman in the car was of a more mature age. Even though she was beautiful and well-kept, she could see the tracks of time leaving some wrinkles on her face. That was impossible to hide. Is he really just a toy boy?
  • “Stop fantasizing about him. You can't even dream to date a guy like him. You're just a flight attendant. Look at the car he is in.” After he was done mocking, the sky marshal went past the flight attendant, and his disgust for Han Jingru started seeping into his soul.
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