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Chapter 361 Laugh

  • “Miss Xiaoxing, more news about Han Jingru and Su Yimo's matter has appeared.” Yang Meng went to the living room excitedly halfway through making dinner.
  • All women loved gossip, no matter the magnitude of it. So something that shook the whole of Yun City would of course be the center of attention for the ladies, including Mi Xiaoxing.
  • “He's a shameless guy. I don't think it's going to be a plot twist this time.” Mi Xiaoxing said in disdain.
  • “Oh, it's not a plot twist, but someone said Su Yimo hadn't consummated her marriage with Han Jingru even after three years.” Yang Meng said.
  • Mi Xiaoxing sneered. “I wouldn't allow a loser like that to even touch me. Su Yimo's smart. This piece of trash deserves everything he is facing and more.”
  • “Is Han Jingru really that evil, Miss Xiaoxing?” Yang Meng asked in doubt. She didn't know what happened between this guy and Su Yimo, but she felt sorry for him, since he had been mocked for three years.
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