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Chapter 344 A Choice Between Life And Death

  • After Tian HongHui left the resort, he immediately rushed back to the Tian villa.
  • Tian Jingshuo and Wang Mao were still playing chess. They looked at a breathless Tian Honghui with puzzled expressions.
  • “Why are you back so soon? You should've anyhow given the Xie family some respect and stayed for the meal.” Tian Jingshuo chided. Although there was some trouble at the wedding, the Xie family was still their partner. And if Xie Haoran knew what was best for him and his family, he would've already given Han Jingru a proper apology.
  • Tian Honghui glanced once at Wang Mao, then informed Tian Jingshuo in a serious tone, “Father, I have some matters to inform you. Let's speak in your study room.”
  • Tian Jingshuo's forehead wrinkled in confusion as he wondered what else had happened.
  • “Shuirou, come and play with your Grandpa Wang.” Tian Jingshuo called Tian Shuirou over.
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