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Chapter 339 They Yell At Me Out Of Jealousy

  • When the name of Han Jingru was announced by the host, they started looking around for the man. That name was a famous one in Yun City. Everyone would love to meet this legendary man.
  • “Where is he? Did Han Jingru really come?”
  • “Wow, didn't think he had the guts to come to someone's wedding. Aren't weddings traumatizing for him?”
  • “Didn't you hear the thing that happened in People's Square? He isn't someone we can offend, at least that's what the rumors say.”
  • “Yeah, even those with Jiang Fu kneeled before him.”
  • There were two types of people there right now. One, those who thought Han Jingru was just a joke, and two, those who knew what happened at People's Square. They knew the companies of Jiang Fu's people went bankrupt after that. There were a lot of speculations regarding this matter, but most of them believed that the cause of this was Han Jingru's true background. Someone who could do this wouldn't be a loser.
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