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Chapter 31 I Alone Is Enough

  • Dragon Reflexology. Unlike what the name suggested, all of the business operation like massage and spa were just a front. Even the entire building was a front. Those who knew their game called it Dragon underground Casino.
  • There was a huge underground unit under the entire building and it was the spacious casino. Countless gamblers would spend their time here. Some of them had a pale and sickish face while others a cheerful and excited face. However, a great majority of them belonged to the first category. After all, gambling is just a probability game and the chances of winning in a casino was just too low.
  • At that time, there was a loud cheer in front of the baccarat table. A young man had been winning consecutively for ten times already. The chips were holding out like a mountain in front of him. And a lot of gamblers gathered around him and cheered for him.
  • That young man was none other than Han Jingru. And another man that stood behind him was drenched in cold sweat, he was Ling Heng.
  • If Han Jingru were to keep that up, they would definitely get the attention of the casino. And if they found out that Han Jingru was cheating, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive.
  • Ling Heng didn’t know what had gotten into Han Jingru and he didn’t bring anyone at all. Just the two of them. If anything were to happen, they would be all alone without help.
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