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Chapter 309 Confession

  • Song Ji took a look at Tian Shuirou and then back at Han Jingru again. How could someone like that know the young lady from the Tian family? The man was still trying his luck, hoping that his guess was wrong. Otherwise, if he really were to offend the young lady from the Tian family, his fate in Yun city would be sealed.
  • “What is your name?” Tian Shuirou asked suddenly.
  • All of a sudden, Song Ji felt a jolt of electricity rampaging in his body and he felt a numbness in his forehead. Is Tian Shuirou trying to find fault now?
  • “Tian...” “Miss Tian, sorry. I'm so sorry. I did not know that you are having a meal here.” Song Ji said with a face of distress. His mind went completely blank and he could not imagine what was coming his way.
  • “Aren't I just a fool in your eyes?” Tian Shuirou asked back indifferently.
  • Thud!
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