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Chapter 302 I Will Conquer You

  • The second day in the hospital, there was a new visitor in the ward. Han Jingru was careful and vigilant in front of her. She seemed to be a polite and meek woman. However, she was also the one that intruded the men's toilet. Therefore, Han Jingru was unable to treat her like an ordinary woman anymore.
  • However, Su Yimo was completely clueless and even very passionate with her.
  • "Pingying, how did you know that we are in the hospital?" Su Yimo grabbed Qi Pingying's arm passionately. She was sincere towards that best friend of hers.
  • "Didn't the two of you retake a wedding photo shoot? What happened?" Qi Pingying did not answer Su Yimo's question. However, she had been secretly casting an eye on Han Jingru and she knew little bit of what happened in Bedrock Island. However, she could not be letting Su Yimo know that.
  • When Su Yimo heard that, she was speechless. The reason the Lu family caused trouble was because they didn't want to take out more money to compete in the bidding with Han Jingru. That kind of lawlessness was just frustrating. Fortunately, nothing bad happened in the end and Han Jingru did not have any permanent injury.
  • "It's nothing. Just a little accident." Su Yimo said. The Lu family's death was ruled as an accident. However, Han Jingru was the one that did it. Su Yimo would not be telling the secret even to the closest person for her.
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