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Chapter 29 Injustice

  • There were two persons that barged into the meeting room. One of them is Ling Heng, the other had a gunny bag on his head. They couldn’t tell who that was.
  • Although the Su family wasn’t the most prominent family in the Yun City, they weren’t someone others would easily mess with. The old Madam asked sternly, “Who are you? How dare you barge in my Su family’s meeting?”
  • Ling Heng glanced over at Su Yimo and then said, “Madam, I am Ling Heng. I believe you have heard of my name.”
  • Ling Heng!
  • All of the family members were roused when they heard that. This man before them was a big name in Yun City. The Su family just couldn’t offend nor challenge someone of his stature. However, why would he cause trouble for the Su family?
  • “Mr. Heng, may I know what the reason for your sudden visit is?” The grandmother’s tone changed and she spoke to Ling Heng respectfully.
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