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Chapter 274 Qin Fu Came To Yun City

  • On their way back to the mansion in the middle hill, Su Yimo still couldn't pull herself out from the previous emotion, as if Jiang Fu was still kneeling before her. That disbelief situation made her feel as if she was in a dream. She didn't even dare to pinch herself because she was afraid to wake up.
  • "What's wrong?" When Han Jingru saw Su Yimo had a blank expression, he asked with a giggle.
  • "Jingru, am I dreaming?" Su Yimo asked with a dull tone.
  • Han Jingru chuckled and replied, "Of course not. After we go home, we will go and buy the air tickets to Bedrock Island and get our wedding photo shoot done."
  • "But, what about the company? Do we just leave the company matters behind?" Su Yimo asked. Although the incident of the Public Square had passed, the Su company still faced the same crisis. The woman couldn't be restful to go to Bedrock Island now.
  • "I have asked my friends for help. Two days later, he will come to Yun city and bring a group of men to take over. All of his employees are the best of the best. Just leave everything to him." Han Jingru said.
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