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Chapter 255 Unforgettable

  • Su Ruijin took two steps back until his back touched the wall. The man couldn't hide his fear from his eyes because Han Jingru's gaze made him feel that he wasn't joking.
  • "Han Jingru, don't come closer! Let me warn you, you better think of the consequences! if you kill me, you have to pay with your life!" Su Ruijin's lips turned dry and he felt as if his throat was on fire.
  • For Han Jingru, killing him was as simple as lifting a finger. He wouldn't feel any burden at all. What more, Su Ruijin worth nothing more than an insect for him and he didn't care about the consequences at all.
  • "You were the one that killed your grandmother, right? Since you said that you have to pay a murder with your life, I shall let you pay today." Han Jingru said coldly. Although he did not have any evidence in this matter, the sudden death of Madam Su being poisoned was definitely a murder case. Aside from Su Ruijin, no one would do something like that.
  • And after her death, Su Ruijin was the greatest beneficiary. The Su family was blinded and they couldn't think properly. However, Su Ruijin's motivation was crystal clear in front of Han Jingru.
  • "You liar! How can I be the one that killed grandma? It was Tian Shuirou! You and Tian Shuirou killed grandma together!" Su Ruijin said anxiously. Although the matter had passed for a long time and Su Ruijin knew that no one could ever find out the truth, he couldn't help but panicked when Han Jingru mentioned it.
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