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Chapter 253 Kidnap!

  • When Su Wenyi heard that, his face turned pale immediately.
  • Su Wenyi was an ambitious man and he had always hoped for Su Ruijin to take over the Su family. But after the Su company fell to Su Yimo's hand, he was frustrated. He had thought about all kinds of shameless ways to target Su Yimo, blackmailing her to step down and let Su Ruijin get back the company.
  • However, all of his plans were simply imagination. His courage was not enough to carry his ambition.
  • But now that he found out Su Ruijin kidnapped Su Yimo, he was overcome with fear!
  • That would bring him jail time! The man only had one son to take care of him and his wife in their old age. If he were to be jailed because of this, how could they survive!?
  • "Nonsense, do not accuse my son like that! How can he do something like that?" Su Wenyi fumed impassionedly.
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