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Chapter 248 Defeat

  • It wasn't a text message but a jpg.
  • From the picture, Su Yimo and Shen Zhuoman were completely tied up and they seemed to be thrown into a garbage pile. However, from the background, it was observable that it was a room. It was just a very filthy room.
  • The moment Han Jingru saw that, a murderous aura erupted from him. As Ouyang Xiujie sat right across him, he felt a sudden chill and he couldn't help but shivered.
  • When Han Jingru raised his head up and looked towards Shanguan Heibai, the man was looking back at him with a grin.
  • "Judge, I request for a few minutes time out. I need to use the toilet." Han Jingru spoke to the judge.
  • The judge was bribed by Shanguan Heibai. If Han Jingru were to feel uncomfortable, it was advantageous for Ouyang Xiujie. How could he agreed to Han Jingru's request?
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