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Chapter 240 Servant

  • When the competition drew closer, Han Jingru and Qi Pingying took off in a plane to Fuyang city. Su Yimo was worried for her best friend and she even bought two first-class ticket for them. Anyone could feel her genuine and sincere care towards Qi Pingying.
  • But in Han Jingru's opinion, even after he had properly investigated Qi Pingying's family background and kept telling himself that he had been overthinking, he continued to feel an uncomfortable hunch. That was just instinct. His instinct told him that Qi Pingying was simply showing a simple side of hers but she was hiding secrets. He simply didn't have the evidences to prove his guesses.
  • There were only four people in the first class cabin. Aside from Han Jingru and Qi Pingying, there were another couple of young man and woman, probably in their twenties. When they got into the plane, they had been chit chatting non-stop and they were loud. Not only that, they would snort and bellow loudly from time to time and it was just irritating.
  • Probably Qi Pingying didn't want their flight to be bothered so much and she walked towards the two person politely and said, "Sorry for interrupting, but I wish to rest for a while. Do you mind to keep it low?"
  • Qi Pingying's attitude and speech was very respectful. However, the two person were annoyed by her intrusion.
  • "Mind your own business, we are talking amongst ourselves. Is there a rule that we can't talk in the plane? If you think we are noisy, why don't you get a private jet?" The woman leered at Qi Pingying. She had a pretty face but it looked ugly the moment she showed her character.
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