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Chapter 232 Terra Prison

  • Three days later, number 12 delivered good news. He had managed to get in contact with Terra prison. They said they would be arranging personnel to the country as soon as possible. That was a very important news for Han Jingru because it involved whether he could get any news on Han Xiuzhi.
  • If Han Xiuzhi was alive and he was truly present in Terra prison. It wouldn't matter how mysterious that organisation was, Han Jingru would make sure to dig it out.
  • Mojo nightclub.
  • In Molan's office, there was just Han Jingru, Molan and number 12. Not even Ling Heng had the right to join them.
  • "Mr. Han, we must do according to their request and send your friends to a designated place. If any accident were to happen during that, they would leave right away." Number 12 told Han Jingru.
  • Han Jingru thought that he would be able to meet with the people from Terra prison. He hadn't thought that they would be so careful.
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