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Chapter 230 I Am Good

  • Su Family Company
  • In the chairman's office. Su Yimo had been working hard on the projects lately to bring the company back on track. It was quite a headache and difficult task for the woman because back then, the grandmother wanted to commit fully in the West side project and she severed all of the old and existing contracts. And now, Su Yimo had no choice but to contact the same business partners.
  • It was easy to lose the business relationship. And it was an extremely difficult task to get them back.
  • At that time, Su Yimo's assistant came into the office and reported anxiously, "Chairman, we have a trouble!"
  • "What happened? Why are you panicking?" Su Yimo asked.
  • "A lot of company directors' father want to see you. Judging from the look, they didn't come in good terms." The assistant said.
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