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Chapter 225 Number Twelve Knows

  • In another man's eyes, what Han Jingru did was difficult to understand. Only the man himself knew that everything was worth it. Thus the saying: One that drinks the water will know if it is warm or cold.
  • Han Jingru and Su Yimo were the only ones that knew about their relationship. How could anyone else understand the amount of sacrifice and forbearance they had given each other?
  • After hanging up the phone, Qing Yun asked curiously, "Bro, is sister-in-law pretty?"
  • Han Jingru leered at Qing Yun and said, "You can make fun of just about anything except her."
  • Qing Yun hurriedly nodded but he had a different shine in his eyes.
  • Han Jingru's expression turned stern immediately. Qing Yun's background and objective were unknown. If he were to learn about Su Yimo's importance, that fellow might do something to harm her.
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