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Chapter 195 How Can It Be

  • The manager raised his chain and stared back at Liu Zhijie. His boss personally gave him the instruction that the hotel was blocked booked. All of the previous bookings were invalidated. The manager knew Liu Zhijie, but so what?
  • Since the boss gave his words that no one shall enter, then no one shall enter.
  • Imperial hotel wasn’t afraid to offend their guest at all. Those that welcomed would come; Those that didn’t have the right to come didn’t matter.
  • “Liu Zhijie, are you deaf? Didn’t you hear from them that the hotel was blocked booked?” The manager answered in disdain.
  • Liu Zhijie had a great image in the Jiang family’s impression. If he were to embarrass himself, how was he supposed to raise his head again before them?
  • “Do you think you can make the decision? Do you believe that I will call your boss and complained about you? Don’t you know the rules that your guests are gods?” Liu Zhijie said threateningly.
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