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Chapter 189 Poor

  • The argument went on until it was time for lunch. When Jiang Wan saw that Han Jingru became the topic of scorning and how he was being compared to Liu Zhijie, she was well pleased. That was the feeling she was searching for, to step on Han Jingru to show how great Liu Zhijie was. And that would made her feel superior to Su Yimo.
  • After lunch, being the host, Jiang Bo and Shu Fang had no intention to clean up. They sat on the couch uncaringly and they leered right at Han Jingru.
  • Su Wenlun hadn’t been saying anything after he reached the Jiang family because he was being looked down as well. Previously, the Jiang family thought that their family would be exalted after Jiang Yan married into the Su family but the truth was otherwise. Su Wenlun didn’t have any favor in the Su family and he didn’t even have a good life himself. How could he help Jiang Yan’s relatives out? Therefore, Su Wenlun was the target of deride back then.
  • “Han Jingru, what are you doing there? Since you are used to doing house chores, make yourself useful.” Jiang Bo said in annoyance.
  • Su Yimo was angered. They were their guest. How can they ask Han Jingru to do the dishes?
  • Before Su Yimo said anything, Han Jingru stood up and smiled to her, “It’s okay.”
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