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Chapter 177 Stupidity

  • The mansion in the middle hill.
  • It was almost the mid-Autumn Festival, Jiang Yan received a lot of calls from her maternal side, asking when she would be going back. The relatives didn’t ask anything about Han Jingru because they presumed that Jiang Yan wouldn’t be bringing him.
  • For the past three years, Han Jingru had only showed up once, and each and every one of Jiang Yan’s relatives knew he was nothing more than a trash. Therefore, they didn’t care about him at all.
  • But this year round, all of the relatives were just excited to see Jiang Yan. After all, Su Yimo had assumed a high position in the company and all of them wanted to get some benefit from her.
  • Su Yimo even received a call from her cousin, Jiang Wan.
  • Jiang Wan was slightly older than her and she got herself a boyfriend with good background. Because of that, she had always been showing off in front of Su Yimo and compared her boyfriend with Han Jingru.
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