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Chapter 175 Apologize

  • Jiang Tao came over after that with a smug smile. The man snickered, “Oh my, I happened to saw a garbage classification documentary. I think you should be categorized under dry garbage. But with the dripping alcohol, you belong to the wet garbage now, right?”
  • “Jiang Tao, why are you differentiating dry and wet garbage? Aren’t they all just garbage?” The man laughed.
  • Han Jingru wiped the alcohol from his face and spoke indifferently towards the two men that insulted him.
  • “I’ll give you a chance to kneel and apologize.”
  • Their laughter stopped abruptly and stared at Han Jingru in disbelief.
  • “Did I heard you wrongly or were you just asking us to apologize to you?” Jiang Tao made a gesture to dig his ear, suspecting that he had heard wrongly.
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