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Chapter 170 Lesson

  • Kneel and apologize?
  • Xie Yufu was just dreaming for that to happen. Han Jingru had sabotaged her plan and even caused her to get a great scolding from her father. After that, she offended Molan and almost got into trouble. Xie Yufu was just simmering in hatred and looking forward to her revenge.
  • Since Liu Qi was courting her, it was just natural for him to do something like that.
  • “Liu Qi, if you can make him kneel and apologize to me, I’ll agree to have a dinner with you.” Xie Yufu said.
  • Will Liu Qi heard that, he was exhilarated. The man had failed countless time asking Xie Yufu for a meal. He finally got a chance this time.
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll get my men right now. Not just letting him kneel and apologize to you, I will make sure to make him bark like a dog!” Liu Qi chuckled.
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