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Chapter 146 Honor

  • “Han… Han Jingru!” Nangong Shuxian looked at Han Jingru fearfully. Why is he here? Isn’t he in Qing Cheng, replacing Han Yu? How did he come out?
  • Han Jingru simply flung his hand. The man in black left earlier was thrown to a corner and he was dead.
  • When Nangong Shuxian saw that, her face was paper pale.
  • That was an assassin she hired with great price to carry out the plan to assassinate Han Jingru in Qing Cheng. How could he… How could a trash like Han Jingru kill him?
  • If Yan Wan wasn’t in her room, Nangong Shuxian would definitely think that he was the one that did it.
  • However…
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