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Chapter 1448 The Energy Source

  • When Han Jingru stopped, the others followed suit. Standing still in trepidation, they looked around vigilantly to prepare themselves in case something unexpected happens.
  • Number 12 scanned the place and found nothing unusual. He could not help but asked, “Jingru, what's wrong?”
  • Han Jingru frowned. He did not notice anything strange throughout the journey climbing up the mountain until then. The energy fluctuations from the volcanic vent were strongly felt. Such fluctuations were not experienced at the foot of the mountain.
  • Most importantly, the energy was way stronger than what he had expected.
  • Moments later, Han Jingru replied, “Nothing, let's carry on.”
  • Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing his comforting response. Yet, they remained watchful.
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