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Chapter 1434 Crystal Island

  • Nangong Boling's plots couldn't escape the eyes of Han Jingru. When he saw the caller ID, he immediately knew the man's real intentions.
  • However, Han Jingru felt strange that the man was concerned about this matter. Could it be that there are still conflicts between Nangong Boling and Heiyang Organization?
  • “Are you rivals with Heiyang?” Han Jingru asked.
  • When Nangong Boling realized that Han Jingru had seen through him, he didn't dare to play tricks before him anymore. He honestly admitted, “Heiyang is my biggest opponent in this world, so I'm thrilled to know that they have offended you because you'll destroy them sooner or later.”
  • Han Jingru initially wanted Nangong Boling to investigate Heiyang, but he didn't obtain too much helpful information. Therefore, Han Jingru already knew that the organization was a pain in the ass to Nangong Boling as the man could quickly gain any information given his position.
  • It was also from then onward that Nangong Boling wanted to use Han Jingru to wipe out Heiyang.
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