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Chapter 1410 What Kind Of Monster Are You

  • There was a video playing on the phone showing exactly what happened in the Crystal Restaurant. The clip was sent over by a good friend of hers.
  • Since the video was taken at an awkward angle, Han Jingru's face was obscured. This was why Tian Shuirou needed confirmation from her grandfather.
  • The old man put on his glasses and studied the video. While he could not be certain that it was Han Jingru, he noticed that the shape of the man's body was quite similar to Han Jingru indeed.
  • “What is this?” asked Tian Jingshuo, clearly puzzled.
  • “A close friend of mine sent me this, saying that a fight happened at the Crystal Restaurant,” said Tian Shuirou. “Apparently, the conflict involves the Chen family. If this is indeed Jingru, then they probably had a run-in with him.”
  • Now, Tian Jingshuo had heard a number of unpleasant things about the Chen family, especially if it involved Chen Yang. However, he was never really interested in this sort of thing since they had never provoked the Tian family.
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