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Chapter 141 Get Me Water

  • After Han Yu left, Shen Zhuoman sat in the couch in her living room. She was nervous and fearful. She hadn’t thought that bringing Han Yu home would lead do something like that. Not only that, she was in a confusion. Why would Han Jingru become like that all of a sudden?
  • Han Jingru was willing to hold himself back for Su Yimo for so many years. What the man changed so abruptly just because he couldn’t get Su Yimo? If he was someone like that, why even wait so long?
  • As Su Yimo’s best friend, Shen Zhuoman felt that she must warn Su Yimo, just so their relationship could be preserved.
  • She took out her phone and called Su Yimo.
  • “Yimo, how is your relationship with Han Jingru lately?” Shen Zhuoman asked.
  • When Su Yimo heard that, she felt sorrowful. Because she could feel that the distance between herself and Han Jingru had become greater. Not only that, this time round Su Yimo felt that Han Jingru was leaving intentionally do give them some space and time.
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