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Chapter 1409 Behave Yourself

  • The embarrassment of being spoken to that way was painfully obvious in Chen Feng's expression. While he had initially wanted to talk down to Han Jingru, he was not expecting Han Jingru's impertinence.
  • Moreover, Chen Feng had to consider his family's dignity. He could not say anything particularly uncouth to Han Jingru in such a public setting, even if he wanted to.
  • “Listen here, kiddo. You'd behave yourself if you know what's good for you,” said Chen Feng coldly.
  • “You're asking me to behave?” Han Jingru smirked and walked towards Chen Feng at a measured pace. “Everyone knows how arrogant and domineering the Chen family is. But do you really think that there's nobody out there to teach you a lesson?”
  • Chen Feng felt his heart stop. Who was this brat, and what was he trying to achieve by riling him up like this?
  • This is Yun City, and it's the Chen family you're messing with. Where's your respect?
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