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Chapter 1399 I Have Misjudged You

  • Xiao Guan was equally shocked to see Ke Qi on his knees.
  • In his belief, Ke Qi's ordinary appearance must belie some extraordinary abilities. It was for this reason that Xiao Guan steered clear of the old man, and had worked in secret to resolve some of the minor problems the latter faced within Tongyang County.
  • He thought Ke Qi might be able to help him with this issue, but never would he have expected for the old man to kneel before Han Jingru.
  • “Any help you call upon would only end up begging him for mercy. You ought to understand by now how powerful he is.” Even though Mo Lan had no idea what happened, the outcome was something to be expected, as Han Jingru's prowess was unfathomable.
  • Xiao Guan trembled slightly inside. Mo Lan was the big boss of Yun City. That reputation alone still had him on alert.
  • What caught him off guard was how formidable the little brat beside him was, so much so that he could get Ke Qi down on his knees.
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