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Chapter 1376 Putting On a Self Directed Play

  • On the way to Mo Lan's villa, when Su Wenyi saw the solemn expression of his father, he grew perturbed.
  • After all, it was him who had something to hide. Even though Yang Guangyuan wouldn't turn on me because of my wife, I can't be a hundred percent sure that no other accidents would occur.
  • Besides, there must be a reason that Father is looking for me today. This made Su Wenyi suspect that Old Master Su had discovered some evidence. If that's the case, it will be a devastating blow to me this time.
  • If Father knows that I've ratted on the Su family, will I still be allowed to stay in the family?
  • When their car arrived at the villa estate where Mo Lan resided, Su Wenyi was even more baffled.
  • He knew the man who was staying here but the Su family had never had any business or dealings with Mo Lan so why were they here?
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