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Chapter 1365 Betraying The Su Family

  • In addition to the representatives of the luxurious brands, over ten other people showed up in Yun City on the same day. Together, that group represented every known luxurious brand in the world. At that moment, even those who did not know what was going on could feel that something big was about to happen.
  • The representatives of these brands would not gather for no reason at all.
  • Every powerful family in Yun City instantly began questioning and guessing what was about to happen.
  • The Su family, on the other hand, received inside information, so they were already prepared to collaborate with Dynasty.
  • Su Wenlun would be the Su family's representative and would be discussing terms with Dynasty. When he heard the news that he was assigned that task, the first thing he did was rushing over to Dynasty's entrance.
  • No one knew who the top manager of Dynasty was, so Su Wenlun chose the dumbest method to deal with it. He waited for the person to show up.
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