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Chapter 1362 Destiny

  • When Su Wenlun was about to walk out of the conference room, Su Wenyi got in his way and stopped him.
  • “What else do you need from me?” the former asked indifferently.
  • Su Wenyi glared at his brother. He couldn't believe his useless brother, who should be content as a junior executive, had the audacity to challenge his authority.
  • “Su Wenlun, I'm giving you one last chance to surrender the right and let me handle the negotiation with Dynasty! Otherwise, I'll chase you out of the family for good!”
  • Instead of feeling intimidated, Su Wenlun found his threat hilarious.
  • “What makes you think you get to chase me out of the family? Don't you realize you're the one whose authority is at stake? You know what? I'll definitely seal the deal with Dynasty! I don't care what silly tricks you have hidden up your sleeves! You won't get to stop me!”
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