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Chapter 1356 The Quarrel

  • Han Jingru felt a sense of relief. Jiang Yan's displeasure was written all over her face, but Su Wenlun and Su Yimo treated him courteously. Since he was reborn, he wouldn't allow others to humiliate him and take him lightly anymore.
  • Although Jiang Yan looked down on Su Wenlun and thought he wouldn't be able to strike a deal with Dynasty, she got her hopes high because she would have to rely on him to achieve the carefree life she sought.
  • Initially, she couldn't wait for Han Jingru's arrival, but the moment he showed up, she got disappointed because she deemed the teenager in front of them useless.
  • She thought the feast was a waste of ingredients. A three-course meal would be more than sufficient.
  • After she got up from her seat, she rushed over to her husband's side and pinched his ear right in front of their guests. “Su Wenlun, are you kidding me? Do you really think he's able to help you seal the deal with Dynasty?”
  • Jiang Yan voiced out her doubts in front of Han Jingru and didn't bother to speak in euphemism at all.
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