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Chapter 1352 The Right To Speak Up

  • “Father, now everyone in Yun City is talking about its establishment. Of course, we’ve heard about it.”
  • “I heard Mo Lan was the one who helped with the purchase of the office building. He even evicted all the other companies in that building.”
  • “The owner of this company must be no ordinary man when he could make Mo Lan work for him.”
  • Everyone spoke up in the meeting, except Su Wenlun, who held the lowest status among Old Master Su’s sons. Although Old Master Su wanted to promote him, being a mediocre person, he never made any contributions to the company. Thus, his opinions carried little weight.
  • “Father, do you know which business sector is Dynasty involved in?” asked Su Wenyi.
  • Old Master Su looked worried. “We still haven’t received any news about it. But from its great fanfare of buying an entire office building, I’m afraid it will have an impact on various industries and even the whole Yun City.”
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