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Chapter 1349 Find The Spies

  • VIP guest? That little brat is an esteemed VIP guest? Everyone gaped upon hearing Nangong Boling’s words.
  • They had no idea what was so special about him. How could someone like him be Nangong Boling’s VIP guest? He looks nothing different from any other ordinary kid. Why is he treating him with such respect?
  • It was all the more confusing when Nangong Boling entrusted him with the responsibility of finding the spies.
  • Regardless of their distrust of Han Jingru, no one dared speak their mind because they had no right to object to Nangong Boling’s decision.
  • Even if he were to do something as absurd as entrusting the responsibility to a dog, they could only take his words seriously and nod in agreement.
  • Hidden amongst them were the spies, who couldn’t help sneering internally.
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