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Chapter 134 Slap

  • During dinner, Han Jingru told Su Yimo that he would be leaving for some time. Su Yimo simply showed an uncaring expression and nodded disinterestedly.
  • However, Jiang Yan felt that Han Jingru will be up to no good and she said coldly, “Han Jingru, if you have a mistress outside, you better pray that we don’t find out about it. Otherwise, I will kick you out from the Su family myself.”
  • Han Jingru simply ignored Jiang Yan. The woman continued to glare at Han Jingru hatefully and she just couldn’t say anything good.
  • “By the way, before you leave, make sure to leave behind all of your money. I will not allow you to spend on your mistress the Su family’s money.” Jiang Yan said.
  • Han Jingru answered with a smile, “I have a few hundred billion, do you want it?”
  • Jiang Yan simply sneered. How dared that trash claim that he has a few hundred billion? Wasn’t that just bluffing?
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