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Chapter 1337 Restricted Area Of The Island

  • Two days later, Han Jingru finally arrived at the Nangong family’s island.
  • It was not the first time Han Jingru came. Therefore, he was not astonished by the island’s surroundings.
  • Instead, Xiao Long was the one who felt a bit confused with what he saw.
  • He didn’t even think that there were people living on the island. Moreover, all the guards there were equipped with firearms as though they were part of the army. He couldn’t hold himself but wonder, “Are they acting in a movie?” In reality, there were actually people capable of living in such a standard by buying the whole island and turned it into their homeland.
  • Furthermore, within the family, there was an army of guards. Hence, it was simply out of the imagination of ordinary people.
  • When both Han Jingru and Xiao Long got off from the helicopter, Nangong Boling had already waited for them from a distance.
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