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Chapter 1331 Dynasty Commercial Building

  • Tian Jingshuo was stunned instantly after he heard that. Then, he came to realize it wasn’t Han Jingru who was gullible but he had underestimated him instead.
  • Although first-tier brands had extremely high requirements for location selection, even that middle-aged man was afraid of Han Jingru’s status. That was enough to prove that he was extremely powerful on an international level. It would probably be a simple task if he wanted those first-tier brands to collaborate, right?
  • Tian Jingshuo smiled wryly while he said to Han Jingru, “I’ve underestimated you. If you really have a plan like that, I’ll help you settle the officials and negotiate with them.”
  • “I’ll have to trouble you then. The company’s name is Dynasty. As for Dynasty commercial building, it will be the core of the west district and a unique shopping destination in the entire country. Famous top brands around the world would be gathered in one place,” Han Jingru remarked.
  • If it were someone else who had spoken those words, Tian Jingshuo would have thought it was a scam. But because it was Han Jingru who proposed it, he wasn’t doubtful at all. He could even envision the bright future of Dynasty commercial building.
  • To have a place like that, the entire Yun City’s economy would be transformed and the future was unimaginable.
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