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Chapter 1322 The Dream Life

  • At the mention of Han Jingru’s identity, Mo Lan sucked in a breath.
  • After all, even Mo Lan had never truly ruminated about it. After finding out Tian Jingshuo’s attitude toward Han Jingru, he realized Han Jingru was someone he should never cross. For Mo Lan, knowing that was enough to satisfy his curiosity.
  • As for who Han Jingru really was, Mo Lan would investigate him if he had the opportunity. However, before that opportunity came along, he would never make any careless moves. After all, he did not wish to get involved in this mess, especially if that would mean crossing Han Jingru because of his curiosity.
  • Mo Lan had built up his reputation with his fists. Technically, he should possess more courage than the others. Yet, when it came to Han Jingru, the fear that had been hidden deep in his mind would rear its ugly head.
  • This was an obvious sign that he should not offend Han Jingru, so naturally, he would obey his instincts.
  • “The one you’ve managed to piss off is someone so mighty that I can’t even start to imagine how powerful he is. That’s why you only have yourself to blame for ending up like this,” Mo Lan muttered.
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