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Chapter 1320 Stamping Out The Chen Family In One Day

  • Watching everything unfold before him, a surge of nauseating fear swept through Chen Bishan.
  • Just from their conversation, he could tell that Han Jingru knew Mo Lan, and quite well too. Most importantly, Han Jingru was acting equally snobbish in front of Mo Lan. There was not the slightest hint of reservation in his commanding tone when talking to the older man.
  • Chen Bishan was unnerved.
  • He could not believe what he was seeing or hearing.
  • He’s just a brat that knows nothing! How dare he talk to Mo Lan like that? Am I dreaming? It’s apparent that Mo Lan is being careful with his actions and words when he’s around him. What do I do now? Damn it, what have I gotten myself into?
  • Mo Lan was also having his fair share of worry. What was stressing him out was not Han Jingru himself, but the fact that he knew nothing about him. The way Han Jingru carried himself hinted that he had a strong backing.
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