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Chapter 1316 Useless Subordinates

  • Xiao Long burst out laughing when he heard how ridiculous Chen Bishan was.
  • Chen Bishan thought he could threaten Han Jingru by mentioning Mo Lan. Unfortunately, he was wrong. This might work on other people, but definitely not on Han Jingru.
  • Even back when they were at Mo Lan’s underground boxing arena, Han Jingru had left it unscathed. The fact that Mo Lan did not do anything to him then was telling—he was wary of Han Jingru.
  • That was why it was meaningless for Chen Bishan to try and intimidate Han Jingru.
  • Yet he was clearly unaware of the futility of his actions. His brows furrowed in a frown when he saw a haughty smile break out on Xiao Long’s face. He shouted, “What’s so funny?”
  • Xiao Long eyed him nonchalantly and smirked. “You are! Do you actually think Mo Lan can do anything to my Boss? I’d like to see him try!”
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