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Chapter 1298 The Boss

  • Of course, Xiao Long did not think there was any problem with the arrangement. It was as though money just fell from the sky since he practically just had an asset registered under his name without him having to fork out a single cent.
  • However, he could not fathom how Han Jingru could simply register an asset amounting to almost over a million under someone else’s name. He could imagine himself losing sleep if he were in Han Jingru’s shoes.
  • “Boss, aren’t you afraid of me running away with the expensive car? I mean, I wouldn’t even need to work anymore for the rest of my life if I sold the car,” Xiao Long said.
  • “Do you think I care about the money? It’s just pocket money to me,” Han Jingru answered with a faint smile.
  • Xiao Long unconsciously gulped. What? So a million is just pocket money to him?
  • Since he has billions on his card, maybe a million really is nothing.
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