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Chapter 129 Mr Han

  • The day of Madam Su’s cremation, Han Jingru wasn’t allowed to join the family as well. Due to Su Ruijin’s attitude, everyone treated Han Jingru like a complete outcast. However, as they reached the crematorium, Su Ruijin faced a trouble.
  • There were different classes of furnaces used in crematorium. With Madam Su’s social status, they chose the highest class furnace. However, Su Ruijin made a mistake of not pre-booking and they had no choice but to put the grandmother’s body aside. The family was just anxious.
  • “What should we do? If we can’t cremate her today, we will miss the auspicious date! Ruijin, hurry and think of something!”
  • “Yes, how can we let mum wait here like that?”
  • “Ruijin, now that you are the chairman of the Su family, can’t they just give you face?”
  • Su Ruijin had already negotiated with the person in charge in the crematorium. However, those bodies that were in line to cremate weren’t ordinary people. When he asked for a chance to cut queue, he was rebuked by the director of the place. The man did not show him the slightest bit of respect.
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