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Chapter 1289 Trampling On Chen Fei

  • Everyone was sure that Han Jingru would be in great trouble for provoking Chen Fei, but Han Jingru was not thinking of sparing him.
  • The situation escalated after Xiao Long was assaulted. Han Jingru grabbed the opportunity to provoke Chen Fei intentionally in order to lure Mo Lan out.
  • If we can’t catch Mo Lan’s attention and make him appear, Xiao Long will have injured his head for nothing. Looks like I have to create greater chaos.
  • Thinking of that, Han Jingru walked towards Chen Fei again.
  • “What is he trying to do? Has he not had enough after giving Chen Fei such a powerful kick?”
  • “Looks like he intends to get himself into bigger trouble by continuously provoking Chen Fei. I really doubt he could continue to be sound and safe in Yun City from now on.”
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