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Chapter 1279 The Price Of Arrogance

  • “I’d like to take a look inside.”
  • The middle-aged man smiled coldly at Han Jingru’s words. How arrogant. Which family does this kid come from?
  • From his tone, it was obvious he wasn’t asking for permission. Instead, he unabashedly demanded entry and left no room for refusal.
  • “Boy, do your parents know that you’re here?” the middle-aged man said icily. Although he was facing a child, he was displeased because this child did not only ignore the rules here, but he also even disrespected him.
  • “I do whatever I want without their knowledge,” Han Jingru replied.
  • The middle-aged man’s face turned even more hostile. I wonder what kind of parents raised their kid to be so arrogant and insolent.
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