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Chapter 1271 Not For Fame Nor Fortune

  • After a few deep breaths, Han Ying finally managed to calm down a little. “If it is not fame, what are you striving for?” he asked Han Jingru.
  • Han Jingru couldn’t help but express a warm smile usually reserved only for Su Yimo in response to the question.
  • Shi Yan immediately picked up on the warmth coming from Han Jingru’s smile. It was a smile dedicated to a woman, or at least that was what her women’s intuition told her.
  • She was also someone who was very invested in the goings-on of Han Jingru. Hence, she immediately asked, “So, which lady has enchanted you so?”
  • Han Jingru was surprised that Shi Yan had already figured things out before he said anything. Women’s intuition is indeed a formidable thing!
  • “T-there’s no one of the sort! I was just daydreaming,” Han Jingru stammered out. He knew that if Su Yimo’s name were to be mentioned here, there would have to be a lot of explaining to do. As it stood, he had never left Yan City. Therefore, it would have been impossible for him to have any relation with the far and away Su Yimo.
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