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Chapter 1267 Grandpa Has Returned

  • The reason Han Xiuzhi made that statement was because he was aware of the significant harm Nangong Shuxian had caused Han Jingru. Hence, he definitely won’t ask Han Jingru to submit just for Nangong Shuxian’s sake.
  • Furthermore, the only reason he married Nangong Shuxian was for mutual benefit. In fact, he was also treated as a puppet by her. Therefore, he harbored no affection for her and certainly wouldn’t use his position as his grandfather to put Han Jingru in a spot.
  • After so many years, Han Xiuzhi and Nangong Shuxian were only husband and wife in name and not in substance as they had no feelings for each other.
  • “Han Ying,” Han Xiuzhi called out as he knew Han Ying was outside.
  • IN the next moment, the door swung open. He was indeed waiting outside for further instructions.
  • During his wait, Han Ying was also wondering how Han Xiuzhi could still be alive. His father’s death then had shocked the entire city. Now that he was back from the dead, it would have a similar impact on them.
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