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Chapter 1261 Coincidence

  • As of now, Han Jingru would be worshipped in whichever martial arts academy that he visited.
  • There was no academy that would dare disrespect him.
  • Ever since he beat Chong Yang, all the martial art academies in Yan City acknowledged Han Jingru as the best fighter within the martial arts world. Unless there was a retired master hidden up in the mountains, no one could possibly pose a challenge to him.
  • Under such circumstances, even Han Jingru himself couldn’t begin to fathom the adulation he received.
  • As such, no ordinary martial arts academy would dare to offend him.
  • The master gave the person who spoke an immediate kick. After that, he lowered his head and spoke with a trembling voice, “I’m sorry. My student must be blind to not have recognized you. I hope you will forgive him.”
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